We want the Urbanmonks Thinktank to survive and thrive; to continue to offer creative and proactive approaches to anxiety, depression, and addiction.  We need your help!  You are encouraged to become involved in our work and our projects. 

1) Buy our books.  They are really top-notch.  You will enjoy them.  And if you find them of value, pass them around, or buy some more for friends and family.    

2) Donate.  Money allows us to provide moderate stipends for creative and thoughtful folk to work on projects.

3) Come by the Urbanmonks Discussion/Brainstorm Circle in Portland, Oregon.  Weekly at 7 pm, Peninsula Park by the Gazebo.   Or host a circle in your city or town. Contact us for details.

4) Write to us.  Something we can share with others, anonymously if you like.  Just share your thoughts on the the topics of wisdom and how it relates to anxiety, depression, and addiction.  We are trying to collect and redistribute wisdom, so please share your insights. 

5) Help connect the Urbanmonks with your school or workplace where we can give emotional health workshops/host discussions. 

6) **Bonus one for writers/artists:  let us work together and build and write great small books.  Submit a book proposal. Information here

Contact us and let us know how you want to get involved.  New ideas for collaboration always welcome.