Weather of the Mind 2016 Remix - Day 1

The WEATHER of the MIND  (Book Remix 2016)

A book remix is, in a way, a tribute to Walt Whitman.  For although Walt Whitman published his famous Leaves of Grass in 1855, he continued to re-edit, to add pieces, and to remove sections over the next four decades of his life, releasing nine distinct versions.  In this Whitmanesque spirit, I am excited to release the Weather of the Mind in daily pieces, to reflect on it, to add to it, to keep it evolving as a document.

So here is the purpose and the plan of this book remix.

Purpose:  The Weather of the Mind, a book I wrote and published last year, was written as to be a small meditative course for observing the ebbs and flows of our own emotions.  My approach, as a teacher and counselor, is first and foremost, practical.  In this case, the practical skill is learning how to observe our own emotions as a starting point for better emotional health.

The method involves charting one's emotions.  Since writing this book, I have kept my emotional charts, three times a day, for twenty-two weeks and counting. As I present the book in small daily portions, I will share my responses to the readings based on my practice of the technique during the past five months. 

It is going to be a nice little social experiment.  The Book Remix.  I hope you follow along. And please drop me a line.  I love to hear what you are thinking.   

The Plan (logistics): The remix will last for four weeks. I will be posting twenty posts, Monday through Friday.  Feel encouraged to drop in daily during this time, or to read at your own pace. 

Living and learning,