Part Thoreau. Part Franklin.

A few updates: 

I.  Please stop by the Urbanmonks Store 

Imagine coming across a nice young fellow selling from his hand-made wooden cart.  

As you approach the colorful wooden cart, you realize that this is not a hot dog cart, this is a book cart!  You feel like stepping out of the rush of your day to peruse the first round of titles - a book about mentors, a book about the healing spices of chai, and a book about the future of book stores. 

Well I do hope to see you at the cart in person someday.  Probably next spring at this point, for this chilly, rainy weather has all but shut us down for the season.  But alas, we built a small street cart that you can visit as you wander down the boulevard of the internet. ( - store portal - )


Never, ever forget:  
A good wander can refresh the spirit
in a way that few things can.   


Slogan brainstorm: 

Urbanmonks Thinktank.  
Part Thoreau.  Part Franklin.


New book I am producing:  The Weather of the Mind.  This will be the first Urbanmonks' workbook and will be Book One of the Urbanmonks educational curriculum.  If you are interested in trying out an early draft of the workbook and providing some feedback, please drop me a line here.

Keep living and learning, one day at a time,