The Urbanmonks - Season One

Have you ever looked back on the first season of Seinfeld or the Simpsons?  Compared to the smooth and sharp genius of later seasons, those starts were rather clunky. In a way, I sort of feel that I am early in the first season of the Urbanmonks' Thinktank.  And I feel a bit self-conscious about the inevitable growing pains.  

Will these blog posts find their own rhythm, their own syncopation, their own movements from week to week and month to month?  Should I be more proactive in my initial vision?

I am still unsure what this blog is meant to be.  I have a good sense of the mission and goals of the thinktank (see the intro and mission pages).  But the medium of the blog is a new one for me.  So I am actively considering a a few options for the feel of this internet locale.  Some ideas:

a) a place where I post my current brainstorms, current writing drafts that are part of larger projects,
b) an online course-of-sorts where I provide weekly reflections, pose questions, give little provocative assignments.  
c) a variety show of sorts: an interview once a month, a picture of the week, an occasional poem, a frequent guest piece.

If you have any feedback, I would love to hear it.  Please know that I am working on using this 'first season' to try a few things out.  So bear with me if you see the potential.  I certainly do.