Urbanmonks Press Rolling Bookshop and Cafe

The Urbanmonks Thinktank progressing well.  The chai book design is almost compete and looking outstanding.  

The plan is to sell books on the street this summer as well as sell some chai or other healthy and tasty beverages, like iced green tea and honey.  Check out my sketches for a bike-drawn wooden cart (with steel frame) that functions as a mobile bookshop and street cafe.  Simple.  Classic.  Street culture.  Engaging in the public, and the public space.  Perhaps have a little soapbox for a mini-stage for musical guests or vaudeville-inspired variety show.   

I hope to carry a few folding chairs as well so that I can really create a street cafe.  Trying to decide whether to paint the cart a bright color or to go with the classic wooden finish (the notion of a a bright cart is influenced by recent trip to Mexico City, while the classic wood finish is inspired by early american ben franklin-esque local press/local business vibe). 

Any thoughts?