Thoughts on Social Media

Well it seems that the Urbanmonks Thinktank is getting close to having some social media presence.  Most people are shocked when we don't have it already.  I think they actually question our integrity, our devotion to our causes when we don't already have instagram or facebook. 

A few friends have said, that's what I like about Urbanmonks, is that you are not on facebook.  Well the fact is, we have to sell more books, we have to reach out to more up-and-coming-authors.  We have to use the resources available. 

Facebook or Instagram are not inherently unhealthy places.  What is at times unhealthy is our dependence upon social media.  What is at time unhealthy is our lack of real-life social settings.  So as the Urbanmonks Thinktank aims to explore the conversation of emotional and social health of our towns, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, families, and selves, can we effectively use social media to further our cause?

There is also some rumbling about designing an Urbanmonks Emotional Health App.  It would be based off the Emotional Charts that appear in the Weather of the Mind book.  Here again, I would encourage people to get away from screens and to sit with the hard copy of the book and with a pencil in hand, chart out the weather of their own minds.  But this is not how the world works anymore.  So is it ok to design an app that uses the phone as a resource for self-observation?

Can you see the conundrums?

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