Weather of the Mind 2016 Remix Day 4

I know what you are thinking: This is much of a remix, this is pretty damn similar to the actually book.  Well to you I say, hang on, we have some pretty fun audio recording scheduled for this weekend.   REMIX!

Here is a picture of my desk on a day when I was working with my emotional charts. Fun times, huh?  Keep positive and please drop me a line or ask a questions or send feedback.  It has been awesome hearing from you thus far 

Living and learning, 


Ok, back to to the book...

I propose that wisdom ought to be a course of life-long study for us all.  Wisdom ought to be a subject for exploration and discussion in our families, in our relationships, in our neighborhoods, and in our schools. 

In this book, I introduce the Urbanmonks Wisdom Curriculum, explain various methods for studying wisdom, and then share some simple yet potent rituals for identifying and understanding the weather of our minds and for building strategies for our response.


I have been researching emotional health and culture for a dozen years and I have realized that the topic of our emotions is somewhat challenging to write about.  For we are not a culture that likes to go deep and explore the nature of our lives.  However, it seems that each year more of us realize that we must go deeper.  We realize that we must understand our emotional selves in order to build a healthy life.  We are beginning to see emotional health in a way that is similar to physical health.  Just like we need to eat well and exercise to build healthy muscles and bones, we must learn to listen to and understand our emotions to build healthy minds.  

For many of us, understanding our emotions is no longer a luxury, no longer a choice we have.  Many of us have been forced to retreat.  Many of us have, at some point in our lives, hit the wall, emotionally.  And these wall-hitting episodes are the most defining moments of our lives. These are the great crossroads of our emotional lives.  At these junctures we face a critical choice: to distract or to learn.  Many want to learn but are overwhelmed and then seek out distraction.  This book is intended to provide a set of skills that can allow us to learn from life’s inevitable challenges.