Weather of the Mind Remix Day 19

The Mid-day Ritual – Half-time

Where you place this ritual is up to you.  It is meant to be like the half-time coaches meeting where you head to the locker room and regroup.  It is your opportunity to step back and build off a positive first half or just let it go.  In a way, this mid-day ritual is a combination of the evening and the morning rituals, it is part digestion of the day so far and part connecting to your foundation.  

For some, this ritual will occur at lunchtime or at a break in the afternoon.  For others, perhaps this ritual belongs after school or work is over.  Try out different spots for this ritual; see what works best for you. 

Questions to reflect upon and to sketch your responses in your notebook:  
1) Where I am at right now, this afternoon?   
Take some deep breaths.  When we breathe deep, even for two minutes of deep breaths, part of our brain thinks, oh we are calm now, the challenge is gone.  We can reset in this way. 
2) What is going well that I can build off of?   
3) What has gone poorly that I am holding on to?  Can I digest it, learn from it, and then let it go?  If I am having a tough day, can I use this break in the action to reset, to redirect?  


Keeping these questions in a notebook, three times a day for six weeks will teach you more than you can imagine.  Trust the process.  See what emerges.