Weather of the Mind Workshop - Week One Feedback

We remain 20+ strong in this beta-test/workshop.  I wanted to share a chart and some feedback I have received during this first week.

First off, let us take a peak at this first week chart from one of our workshop members:

One benefit to charting with a number system is that we can have an average number for the week.  When I average all the 21 points from the chart above, the average for the week is 89/21 = 4.2.  My first impression is, "Wow, this is a positive guy."  As a point of reference, I have not in 47 weeks had a week that was as high as this.  My average after 46 weeks of charting is about -0.2, with my highest week at 2.3 and my lowest at -3.9.  

In his feedback he said that, "perhaps the numbers are all relative and I stayed above the center line because I didn't want to (admit to going) go negative."  Another person mentioned this same thing, they did not want 'admit that they were negative.'  My response to this is that, the way I look at it, admitting you are negative is akin to admitting that it is raining out.  We are trying to step back and observe the Weather of our Minds.  What we do with that is our choice, but I would encourage you to simply try and observe what is going on emotionally. 

Another person in the workshop shared some feedback that illustrates this point quite well:

The charts are great. I feel like I'm tapping into a hidden part of myself. I like having the chart to reflect back upon. I'm always cycling through my emotions (perhaps sometimes to a fault), and having a visual of that flow is really helpful, and sometimes encouraging. 

Having the chart makes me more aware of my emotional state, even when I'm not filling it out. I'm beginning to see my emotions more like road signs rather than road blocks. I can use them as tools for guidance, rather than as obstacles and challenges. It opens up a whole new way of thinking that I truly enjoy.


Another observation on the chart above: this guy is a morning person, always more positive in the morning than later in the day.  What can we do with this insight - how can we build some positive rituals into the latter parts of the day?

All right, keep sending your finished charts in so I can provide feedback.  Send along questions and comments.  Tell your friends that might be interested that we will be doing another workshop when this one ends. 

Living and learning,