Please Help Beta-Test the Weather of the Mind App

Over the past five years I have been designing a system for charting our emotions called The Weather of the Mind.  It is a tool to further our understanding of our complex emotional lives.  It provides a visual representation of the ebbs and flows of our emotions. 

Do you want to see what your emotional chart would look like?  And also help us to dial in this exciting new tool?   Please join our test of the Weather of the Mind system.  It takes just five minutes a day for six weeks.  Sign up below.  

We will be testing the system in hard-copy form.  The plan is to get your feedback on the process of observing your emotions.  Your help is very valuable.  And as a thank you, I will evaluate and provide feedback for all of our volunteers.  

Below are two examples of what I have learned from my personal test of the Weather of the Mind, an example of a recent week, and a chart that displays my average week, after 44 weeks of charting my emotions.

I will be publishing my complete data and more of what I have learned from designing and testing this system in the coming weeks.    

Thanks for your help.  You make the think tank work!


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