Emotional Topography

The Weather of the Mind, the first book of the Urbanmonks Wisdom Curriculum, includes a workbook portion where the reader can chart their emotions three times a day for six weeks in order to make the weather of their own minds visual.

Making our emotions visual allows us to see what we might have been unaware of in the past.  I developed this technique while teaching high school and many of the students embraced the charts and learned a bit about how their minds work.     

This book will help you assess your own emotional health and help further the process of coming to peace with yourself and others.  I guarantee it.  I want this book in your hands.  If the money is an issue, let me know and we can work something out. 

Check out one week of my chart below.  When I review a week like this, I ask myself, what happened where I went way up on Monday?  What happened on Thursday when I slid?

The chart and scale are fully explained in the book.  Readers are also encouraged to design their own style of charts.  I will post some other models on the website in the coming months. 

Living and learning,